Crypto Mindset was a hobby started back in 2011 when the founders first got involved in what at that time was an extremely controversial topic, Bitcoin. The founders saw value in what a decentralized autonomous network for payments could provide and never dreamed it would become so much more than that. The clothing started as a few cheap T-shirts with pressed on logos of a cartoon Bitcoin. Never did we think so many people would be looking for ways to show how much they believe in this Web3 world. Today we have projects seemingly popping up overnight. Some solve problems, some are built upon, and some are... lets be real, just for fun. Some projects will stick around, and some wont survive, but one thing is certain, crypto is here to stay, and for those of you who are smart enough, or lucky enough to be here this early, we salute you and would love to provide some premium apparel for you to show off your passions!